Amadeus Online Suite


Empower your affiliates, drive your business.

Amadeus Online Suite - Consolidator is targeted to serve the needs of Consolidators and Distributors with a sales dedicated network of non-IATA agencies, selling, advising, and servicing both leisure and business travelers. It is easy to deploy online platform enabling you to boost and drive your business performance while servicing your affiliated agencies.

Benefits & Features


Easy to deploy

  • Web-based solution: Access is provided through a workstation with the internet and a web browser, making it convenient for agents to work from their office or home.
  • Sub Agents can customize the look and feel as per their branding.
  • Mobile responsive

Easy & quick to operate

  • Minimum training requirement: Even novice users can make full use of the product.
  • Intuitive and guided booking flow
  • Simple and easy to use of admin site

Easy To Manage

  • Admin of consolidator can create global business logic at HQ level or locally at Sub Agency Level
  • Easy management of wallet.
  • Easy agent management and booking management.
  • No software, hardware and hosting investment.

Management of Service Fees, Markups, Discounts etc

  • Amadeus online Suite offers service fee, mark-up, and discount management. Countless rules can be set up to automatically tailor the booking engine to the most specific requirements of any travel agency.
  • Rules can be created for Flights and Hotel modules.
    • Calculated on the Fare (Base fare, total, taxes etc).
    • Calculated in percentage or as a flat amount in any available currency.
    • Variety of other options available.
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Theme Management for Consolidator and sub-agency

  • The Template Wizard is used to set up the look & feel of an Online Suite website.
  • The Wizard offers several customization possibilities that make the Portal stand out from the standard one. It provides a guided setup to select one of the suggested default templates (select a default color and site structure).

Mode of Payment

  • Amadeus consolidator has a variety of mode payments which include:
    • Pay at Agency.
    • Using Wallet (a top-up amount by consolidator).
    • Payment gateway (10+ payment gateways available in the application to support the business to collect online payments)

Amadeus Online Suite powers more than 10 payment gateways for businesses to collect online payments


User and role Management

  • A hierarchy of roles allows key responsibilities to be isolated with an agency if required (e.g., Markup & Corporate deals can be managed by separate roles)
  • New admin roles can be set up to suit customer requirements
  • Access for sub-agents can be managed such as Void, canceling a booking, mode of payment, etc.

Deal Codes

  • Travel Agents can update their negotiated/private fare deals in the Amadeus Online suite through the “Corporate Deal Management” module.
  • The Travel Agents have the facility to update corporate deals for Flights in this module.


Hold a booking and issue later

  • Sub-agents can hold the booking and issue tickets later once got confirmation from the traveller.


  • Travel agencies can define multiple currencies for the website. Admin module allows travel agencies to define the configuration.


  • We have a variety of reports available for sub-agents and consolidator which includes:
Sales Report
Wallet Statement
Customer statement
Daily sales report and Booking list

PNR Import

  • Travel agents can import the PNR and issue tickets with all applicable commercial rules.

Wallet management

  • Consolidator can easily manage the wallet for sub-agents from the admin site.

Online and offline ticketing

  • Sub-agents can issue tickets online via a wallet or online payment option.
  • Pay at agency option is available to issue tickets offline directly from the consolidator.

Voiding the Ticket or Cancel a booking

  • Sub-agents and consolidators can void the ticket or can cancel the PNRs from the admin site.
  • Sub-agents and consolidators can cancel the PNRs from the admin site.