Amadeus Online Suite

B2C Mobile

Putting mobile at the centre of travel.
Booking experience via mobile is on rise for all types of travellers. For the Connected Travellers, they are more likely to see their mobile phone as a booking device, both before a trip and during your stay.

What are the different features?



Travel agency can plug in multiple point sale based on routes.


Branding, Colors, Labels, Custom Menu Links

Travel agencies have full flash theme management which helps them to customize the portal as per their branding.



Product is powered by English, Arabic and French. More language will be available soon.


Easy support

Travel agencies build lasting relationships with the connected traveller.

Support theme via phone, email and Live Chat. Traveler agencey can plugin with Live chat as a quick service.



All the standard report, along with advanced booking reports are available for mobile version. Google Analytics is provided to identify trends and patterns in how mobile visitors engage and let travel agencies measure ROI


Payment Option

Multiple payment option available from providers. Travelers have the option to Pay at agency or Pay by credit with a secure digital aunthentication process.

Benefits for Travel Agents

  • New channel allows to create new source of income via cross-sell, upsell & last minute reservations.
  • Traveler can manage their own bookings.
  • Travel agency can dedicate time to more complex issues that add value, therefore Cost and time savings for both travel agent and the traveler
  • Customizable app to match your business objectives.
  • Reduce maintenance & operational costs with minimum investment in mobile the fits your needs.
  • Marketing opportunity.
  • Get an app with travel agency's branding available at Apple Store and Google Play that helps to be present in your traveller's mobile 24/7.

Benefits for Traveller

  • End to End travel experience on the move.
  • Control of own personal data and access.
  • Booking details sent directly to travel agent and traveller.
  • Real time notification for itinerary and flight changes.