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1. What is the pricing for Amadeus Online Suite?

Amadeus Online Suite offers various pricing schemes for each module across different markets. Please contact your Amadeus account manager, or email us at marketing@amadeus.ae for details.

2. Do you provide local Low-Cost Carriers (LCC)/hotel content?

We offer various Low-Cost Carriers (LCC) and hotel content providers, and many more are being added to the solution every quarter.

3. How can I request a demo session?

To schedule a demo, please get in touch with your local account manager or email us at marketing@amadeus.ae

4. Can travel management companies integrate preferred payment gateways?

Yes, Amadeus Online Suite offers custom development for integrating preferred payment gateways.

5. Is there a Content Management System available?

Yes, Online Suite has a comprehensive CMS module for managing content, including options to set up Top Destinations, Static Packages, Testimonials, Top Offers, and more.

6. Is Amadeus Online Suite PCI Certified?

Amadeus Online Suite is PCI Certified. With the certification, there are robust security measures in place to protect sensitive customer data and payment information using the latest industry-standard encryption methods.

7. Which META search engine is Amadeus Online Suite connected to?

Amadeus Online Suite is currently connected to WEGO and other meta-search engines are coming soon.

8. Are post-booking functionalities available?

Yes, currently it is possible to void a ticket and cancel a PNR. ATC reissue and refunds are currently present in the product roadmap.

9. What payment options are currently available in Amadeus Online Suite?

In Amadeus Online Suite, available payment options include book now pay later, credit line, wallet, and credit card.

10. What are the different products available for Amadeus Online Suite?

Amadeus Online Suite is available for online travel (B2C), Consolidators (B2B), Mobile applications, and as a Tailor-made custom solution.

11. Is multi-language and multi-currency available?

Yes, Amadeus Online Suite is equipped with multi-currency capabilities with an in-built Rate of Exchange module. The system also currently supports multiple languages – English, Arabic, French, Georgian, and Mandarin.

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