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Empower your affiliates, and drive your business with confidence.

Connect your sub agents and expand your reach cost effectively.

Amadeus Consolidator is a B2B web-based application that allows non IATA Travel agencies to sell varied travel content to their valued customers.

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Easy To Manage

With Online Suite, Consolidators can efficiently create and group business rules for Sub Agencies. The user and role management feature in Online Suite allows key responsibilities to be assigned to different users.

Administration roles can be created for Sub Agencies having controlled access to the required features based on customer requirements.

Express your brand online

Comprehensive Theme Management can tailor logos, colors, fonts, and more to reflect your unique identity. Capability to quickly modify website text in line with your needs.

Empower sub-agents to personalize their B2B sites for a seamless brand experience.

Capability to modify website content text according to customer needs.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Gain insights into key performance metrics such as bookings and revenue, enabling businesses to assess their overall performance, assist in decision-making, and identify market trends such as search bookings and revenue.

Comprehensive reports for Sub Agencies like Customer Statement & Wallet assist them in managing productivity ensuring their adherence to sales targets and contractual agreements.

Reporting tools also allow Business Consolidators to track commissions, markups, and other revenue streams that Sub-Agencies generate, facilitating financial management and forecasting.

Benefit today with Amadeus Online Suite

  • Variety of travel content for your customer

    Customers can have access to your best rates using Amadeus Online Suite with GDS, Low-Cost Carrier, and Hotel Content.

  • Offer Flexible Payment Options

    Our built-in wallet enables agencies to top-up and pay for bookings. Agencies can also hold bookings and make payments through different payment gateways.

  • Keep your customer updated

    Efficiently manage notifications and itineraries, ensuring travelers stay updated and organized throughout their trip.

  • Import PNR & Post Booking Features

    Access special fares and gain access to post-bookings and access services such as voiding and cancellation of bookings.

  • Increase your Profitability

    The comprehensive Admin module enables you to configure mark-ups, service fees, deal codes, and much more to increase revenues.

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