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Go one step further with our omnichannel offering.

Empowering Travel Agencies with Mobile Solutions

The Online Suite mobile application is packed with features to make travel seamless.

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Bookings on the Go

Access flight and hotel booking services anytime, anywhere, directly from the device, ensuring flexibility and convenience for travelers on the move.

Instantly book flights and accommodation with up-to-date availability and pricing information.

Available on both android and iOS platforms.

Diverse content on your mobile

Seamlessly integrate with airline and hotel content to offer a wide range of options, ensuring a comprehensive booking experience for users.

Our platform enables real-time access to diverse travel inventory, allowing travelers to choose from extensive options.

Users can easily find the best deals and book their preferred travel options with convenience using the solution.

Secure Payment Gateway

Amadeus Online Suite has more than 20 payment gateways integrated including buy now pay later options for your market.

Customize your payment options by setting up multiple payment gateways on your site. Define transaction fees for each payment gateway and card type to tailor the payment experience.

Discover the Benefits of Amadeus Online Suite’s Mobile App

  • Flexible and User-Friendly Interface

    With user-friendly features and customizable options, users can access and explore travel offerings, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

  • Multi-Language & Multi-Currency

    Cater to diverse global audiences by offering localized content and providing multi-currency options.

  • Boost Sales with Promo Codes

    Attract and Retain your customers by offering promotional discounts using Promo Codes.

  • View all trips in one place

    Access comprehensive trip reports conveniently. Consolidate all travel data into one dashboard for streamlined analysis and informed decision-making.

  • Improve service with case management

    Simplify post-booking service requests with our Case Management feature. Customers can easily open track and follow-up custom requests.

Let Amadeus Online Suite be your trusted companion

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